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Building a great event in a reasonable budget

Don't let your bank account block you.

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Before analyzing how to cut cost for your corporate events and programs, it is first crucial to understand where your budget falls on a spectrum. Considering your location, attendee cost, production plan, design, talent, and experiences - take a peek at our budget bracket to see where your event might fall.

Tier 1 - Intimate and high profile

For a small gathering that is focused on 1 main goal or subject,

Tier 2

Tier 3

Tier 4

Tier 5 - Large and in charge


Here are our top 5 tips for effective cost-saving options:

Forgo furniture – ditch the unnecessary

When it comes to your general session set up, giving your attendees a comfortable experience is of the utmost important, but there are cost effective ways to get the job done. By not having a classroom setup with tables or an oversized seat with power capabilities, you are going to dramatically reduce the cost of furniture. Sometimes simple is a good thing, especially when it comes to budget. A chair with light cushion is going to give your audience an appropriate amount of comfort for the duration of the program.

Stage design

For the majority of all live events, the stage is the center of the audience’s focus. Chances are, your event will be orbiting around the presentations, speakers, experiences, and movement that happens on the main stage of your program. Every produced event has a different set of needs, and wants, that are driven by your corporate vision, mission, goals, and key individuals that are setting the precedent for the execution of the event as a whole. Our experts know exactly how to navigate the design process based on your needs – working within your budget.

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