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The Difference Makers

Keeping Everyone's Attention

Immersive experiences take over the room and create immediate customer engagement with your brand.  As the world's attention span continues to shrink, creating an experience that stops people in their tracks requires more than it ever did before. It's a delicate balance between tech and culture. 

ThirdEye uses leading-edge technology and expert creative directors to curate an experience that aligns with your audience profile and blows their mind at the same time.  There is nothing more rewarding than watching people have fun while engaging with your brand.  

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Next-Gen Technology & Outside the Box Thinking

Augmented & Extended Reality
Attendee Gamification
Live Performances

Vendor Exhibits

Roadshow Productions

Social Studios

Tradeshow Booths & Villages

Touchscreen Applications

Live Art Installations

Street Market Experiences
Self Serve Kiosks

"ThirdEye helped us captivate our audience throughout the entire program."

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